19 January 2020

Architect and Friends by Michael Atzenhofer is a full service architectural practice that deals with development and realization of projects of all dimensions. Our strategy is to uncover the obvious and best solution, in large and in small scale, indoor and outdoor. Based on our innovative and flexible team of architects, interior designers, craftsmen and suppliers, solutions are realized that are contextual, yet conceptual and visionary in their intent, effect, and appeal. Every design choice we make is based on continuous research for new, innovative or even almost forgotten products, materials and construction details to create tailor-made, unique projects for our clients down to the smallest detail.

Architect and Friends 01 Hotel Savoy Grado Architect and Friends 02 Genusswelten Doellerer Architect and Friends 03 Villa Gerolimich Grado Restoration Architect and Friends 04 Villa Gerolimich Grado Architect and Friends 06 Grado Beach Residence Architect and Friends 07 Michael Atzenhofer Architect Architect and Friends 09 Villa Gerolimich Grado 1956