01 September 2022

Architect and Friends is a versatile architectural practice specializing in custom residential, hospitality and retail design. Michael Atzenhofer and his team focuses on finding new possibilities for living and working through the integration of architecture, interiors and landscape with attention down to smallest details, commitment to craft and passion for surrounding cultural and economic environments.Based on an innovative team drawing upon years of collective expertise and knowledge, a flexible group of professionals gives form, shape and character to each project and accompanies each client through the entire design and building process. Every design choice made is based on continuous research for new, experimantal or even almost forgotten products, materials and construction details to create tailor-made, unique projects.

Architect and Friends Hotel Savoy Grado Architect and Friends Grado Attic Renovation Architect and Friends Villa Gerolimich Grado Architect and Friends Doellerer Cuisine Alpine Restaurant Architect and Friends Villa Gerolimich Grado Lounge Architect and Friends Döllerer Culinary Space Cooking Classes Architect and Friends Grado Attic Frey inspired