19 December 2019
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Every year people are flocking in to spend their holidays on the "Isola del Sole" which has always had a vast offer of leisure time opportunities and recreation possibilities thanks to its location in the Adriatic Sea and its beautiful surrounding lagoon.
Some of them became real enthusiasts over the years and decided to acquire and renovate Mid-Century homes and apartments to enjoy the island also off season - just as many of our clients do! When investing in a holiday hideaway it's always necessary to choose the right structure because real estate offer is limited in good locations due to the fact that Grado is an island.

In this case, a young couple from Austria decided to fulfill their long-cherished dream of an own hideaway since they came to Grado from Vienna almost every weekend in the past which isn´t quite around the corner. As the original floor plan wasn´t suitable for today's needs anymore, our proposal ended up in a total makeover of both floors, terrace and courtyard included.

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The new layout consists of a generous entrance area and a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom on the ground floor. Around the existing courtyard with outdoor shower a second bedroom and office area are located to provide an intimate atmosphere for family, friends and guests.
The fact that we introduced a spiral staircase minimized useless corridors and significantly increased the living area located on the first floor. Combined with a large kitchen, the whole area is connected to a terrace with partial views over Grado´s old harbor. The client´s wish was to extend daily living outside during the summer months but at the same time to create an intimate atmosphere indoor for the colder winter months. The fresh and balanced interiors are mainly chosen by the clients and are a combination of great finds from all around Europe and personal keepsakes.

Services: existing facilities survey, building plans and building permit, architectural and interior design documentation, on-site project representative, project administration

Year: 2016

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